Yes, it’s true. I’m famous.

Every year around this time, the stores start putting out their Halloween and Fall decor, and in the midst of all of that are those infamous ‘pumpkin carving kits’ that we’ve all come to love, right? Well, every year around this time, I am forced to see this product, and reminded that I could have been a world famous hand model for said pumpkin carving kit.

Wayyyyyyyy back in the day, the company that my mom works for created this product, and they asked me to help them out with some pictures for it. I was young, and got a free manicure out of the deal, so I said sure, why not?! I spent the day in this cool little studio, carving pumpkins, holding candy, and getting tended to like all the stars too. Juice boxes and all.

The product hit the stores, and I didn’t realize how cool it really was, til i was standing in line one day at Target, and this lady had one in her cart. I looked at her, kind of laughing, and said ‘That’s my hand, right there, the one carving the pumpkin!” She rolled her eyes, and pulled her child behind her. “No seriously, it is! Look at the freckle on the right hand, and look at my right hand!” Still, she wasn’t convinced, so I told her to look at the company name and location, and sure as shit, there it was. She thought it was SO cool, and proceeded to tell everybody in line behind her, that it was my hand and grabbed my right hand to prove it with the freckle.

This was it. This is what it felt like. The feeling I had been waiting for all my years of training in middle and high school theater class. I had made it. I was a star.


Turns out, I would end up being a one hit wonder. They pulled the product off the shelves within the first year or two ((I don’t remember exactly, as I was going through an intense therapeutic routine to manage my denial)) That was it? That was all the time as a famous hand model that I was allowed? Psh. I’m not going to let a crashing career ruin my destiny. I will use Halloween as my platform to remind people that I am still here, that I still have hands, and that I stand strong for all other hand models whose career ended FAR too soon.

Oddly, enough some 15+ years later, I saw my infamous pictures on the shelves again while perusing the aisles the other day. Different company, because it seems they sold my images..but still. I’M BACK BABY! Have your people call my people, my calendar is filling up FAST.


You’re welcome for this very entertaining, and 100% true story. Now you can tell your friends and family that you are friends with somebody famous.


The infamous freckle to prove it, folks. 

3 Years and counting…

At this exact moment, exactly 3 years ago I had been awake for approximately 4 hours already. I was SICK. Like worst cold of my life sick. I was walking around a hotel in Frankenmuth, Michigan with my mom, half crying, half unable to breath, half exhausted and EXTREMELY excited. Why? Because it was my wedding day. All my family and friends were there, my soon to be husband was somewhere in that same hotel, most likely sleeping in the whirlpool tub that was in his room and 9 months of planning was finally coming together. Was I nervous, not at all. Scared? Hell yea.

Marriage is serious. Marriage is fun. Marriage is REAL. It is not something that should be taken lightly, and I have learned that lesson, along with SO many other ones over the past 3 years. Marriage helps you grow up, and that’s exactly what I needed.

3 years ago, I could have never imagined what the next 3 years would hold. I mean, obviously…nobody can foresee what their future holds, unless you are a psychic or the Wizard of Oz.

My husband saved me, he helped me out of a hole that I had been in for several years, that I didn’t even realize I had dug myself into. It wasn’t an easy path either, because I’m stubborn. I pushed back…at everything. I pushed back at the responsibility that came with marriage, I pushed back at the changes that were happening, I pushed back at growing up. Looking back now, it’s funny to me, because the lessons I had learned, I am now passing down to others in my life, and it feels so good.

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. I had planned everything down to the tiniest little things, and it was so cool to see it all come together. Matt and I wrote our own vows,  and I wanted to leave mine here as a reminder of how I was feeling that day:


Just over a year ago, you and I decided to meet up at Ford Field for the first time in a very long time. Looking back, that was the best decision I’ve ever made, because the second we went our separate ways, I knew that I wanted to marry you. I couldn’t believe that it came to me that easily, but I did know that I wanted to see more of you, and that’s exactly what happened. From that moment on, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you.

I remember asking my friends, and family if what was happening was real. I was smiling literally all day, had never laughed more in my life, and was enjoying every single minute with you. I wondered when it would get old, or when that phase would pass, but I am so happy to say that it still hasn’t.

You have changed not only my life, but who I am as a person. You’ve held my hand when I needed it, explained things when I didn’t understand and accepted into your life some of the most important people in mine.

You are the most loving man I’ve ever met, and I am honored to become your wife. Your sense of humor is what gets me by on a hard day. You are smart, responsible, and able to keep me grounded, which most people know, is not the easiest task.

I promise, as your wife, to love you (more than I love pickles, and my phone) every single day of my life, I promise to support you and your undying love for the Detroit Lions, I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, hold your hand when you need it and be the best wife and friend I can be.

From this point on, I can say that I have no idea where our lives will lead us, but I am okay with that, because as long as I am with you, I will go any direction we are pointed in. I look forward to a beautiful life with you, Schwartz, Franklin and lots and lots of kids.

I love you.”


To those of you that are reading this…if you are in a place in your life where you think that things are never going to change or get better. Heres a little advice…stop worrying so much about how your life is going to play out and take part in whats happening right now. Do things that scare you, say yes more often, and don’t just follow the crowd. I stepped outside what I THOUGHT was good for me, and I started doing things that were unlike anything I had done before. That’s what led me to Matthew, and what has gotten me to where I am today.

To those of you that are engaged or in a serious relationship…ENJOY it! Be happy in the moment, and instead of worrying so much about making sure the world knows how happy you are, TELL YOUR PARTNER. Make them feel like they are the only one that matters, not that every body on your friends list trumps them. Don’t let wedding planning, or petty arguments bring you down. This is suppose to be a memorable time, and let it be that!

To the lucky ones, who have found their soulmate and have exchanged vows, and started down the same road I’m on. Congratulations and KEEP GOING! I hope you realize how amazing marriage truly is and remember that even though you may hit speed bumps, and there will be a lot of them, that you’ve got somebody to go through it WITH you. Take advantage of that!

Happy anniversary to my husband, my best friend, my person, and the one that I will always love more than pickles and my phone.