Feelin’ Fancy!

Alright folks! I promised you a little review of this amazing lip stuff that’s been pretty much been sweeping social media by storm, so here it is!

As mentioned previously on my Facebook, I DO NOT wear lipstick..I just don’t. There’s no real reason behind it, but mainly I just don’t like it. I hate the sticky feeling, I hate the constant worry of the color being all over my teeth, I hate that it takes like 47 different products just to get a good color, and the perfect shine…it’s all just too much.

I discovered Burts Bees tinted chapstick, and fell in love. I rocked that shiz like it was nobodies business. BUT! I had to constantly reapply it, as you do with all chapsticks, and it was getting on my wine glass, my drink straw, my hanky, etc. NOT OK!

Fast forward to a random afternoon, lets just say it was a Tuesday, and I was looking on Instagram, and decided it was time I reach out to this girl named Hannah, who was constantly posting pics of her seemingly FLAWLESS face! I told her I had this chapstick that was like my BFF and asked she had a similar ((and by similar, I meant exact)) color in this infamous Lipsense that I’d been hearing about! She picked out Caramel Apple, and explained to me how it works, and I was SOLD! I decided to give this stuff a shot!

A couple days later, I received the most adorable little package in the mail, and I was so excited!


I planned a little night out and followed all the directions for applying the color, and that was IT! I didn’t have to bring a huge bag of supplies for upkeep, I didn’t have to keep checking to see if all that was left was the ‘liner look’ and…wait for it. NOTHING was on my wine glass! SCORE!


The color was perfect. The gloss was amazing. I AM IN LOVE. ❤ ❤ ❤

If you’ve ever thought about getting this stuff, stop thinking about it, and DO IT! It’s so VERY worth it, and it’s FUN! There are so many colors, and finishes for the gloss, and Hannah has been amazing to talk with and learn from!

She has a Facebook page where she shares information about all the products, so be sure to check it out, and send her a message! She’s the sweetest!

http://www.facebook.com/groups/flawlessfacebyhannahb <– Check out her group here!

I’m so glad I tried it, and now it goes everywhere with me!



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