What a week!!

Well, well, well. Considering the fact that I haven’t written anything in here for over a week now, should tell you guys how insanely busy I’ve been!

For somebody that works a part time nanny job, you would think that I have like a TON of free time, right? Wrong. Let’s just review.

My husband works like 148 hours a week. Therefore, I try to do as much as I can around the house, and with the trio of animals that live with us. ((Lets just get one thing straight, we do NOT have normal animals…Schwartz is the most social and annoying cat in the United States. Franklin has special needs, seriously, he has seizures and serious anxiety, but also loves cereal and popcorn. Then theres Piper, and well, we all know how she is, based on my last post.

WE LAUNCHED OUR BUSINESS!!!! Whattttt?! I poured a LOT of time into putting together this little shop of ours, and it exploded SO much faster than I expected! That means I had a lot of work to do, so we could get our orders out quick!

My best friend HAD A BABY! Her third son, Everett Trace Check, and I love him so much already! I had the chance to take pics of this little one’s first hours with his family and big brothers, and it was so nice. It’s crazy to think that Tyler and I have been friends since we were little teenagers, and now I’m the Godmother to 2 of her kids!


Detroit Lions tickets went on sale, and we bought tickets to the first game! Super excited to tailgate and see our boys on the field for the first time in WAY too long!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my office, here at home, trying to get things organized, and set up as much as I can. It’s been so much fun working with Matt (in the 2.3 hours of spare time that he has) trying to get this company off the ground! We have more ideas, and more that we want to share, but when the time is right, we will fill you in! For now, we are working on the apparel and drink ware!

As a former Beachbody Coach, I feel like I’ve got a LOT of social media experience, but I would love to hear tips on how YOU make your at home business work! Share with me all your secretsssss!

I promise I’ll write a more entertaining post tomorrow, or maybe tonight after I have some wine…haha!


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