Pup’s Night Out

Hands up if you are the proud parent of a fur child! More specifically, a dog. A young dog. A young, very energetic, and sometimes too sassy dog.

Let me just give you a glimpse into the evening we had last night with our little animal that we like to call Macaroni ((legal name, Piper Macaroni Hughes)).

Quick backstory: Matt’s parents live in Saginaw, Michigan. Their backyard consists of a lot of soy bean field-age ((<– that is not a word, I’m aware)) and wooded area. Which means there are often visitors like deer, coyotes, foxes, birds, etc. It’s a lovely area, where Piper likes to frolic IN the backyard, and she doesn’t ever go further because she’s a damn genius and knows better.


Welp. She suckered my mother in law into taking her potty last night around 10 pm, when it was pitch black outside, and since it was just a quick ‘pee break’ we didn’t put the leash on her. ((You know where this is going, right?)) I walked to grab a water, and next thing I know, Matt’s yelling for me because Piper has bolted after a deer that was standing in the back yard and snorted at her ((rude)). She gone.

Piper has the body and agility of a female deer, so as you can imagine, she was literally gone and out of sight within seconds. IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. We grabbed the flashlights, and started yelling for her, trying to see if we could hear her collar jingling anywhere nearby. My MIL got in the car and started driving towards the direction she ran, Matt and Larry started walking out into the fields, and I stood helpless in the backyard, with the hopes that she would just hear me and come back. ((She’s not the brightest, so my faith in this option was slim))

After what seemed like forever, and confusing lightning bugs with Pipers glowing eyes about 4,500 times, I finally saw two glowing eyes bouncing up and down, plowing towards me. IT WAS PIPER. Or a deer, or some other vicious animal running at full speed right in my direction. I didn’t care. I started calling her name more and getting really excited so she knew where to run to ((her idiot self got confused and didn’t understand how to run towards me, so kept going down the aisle of the soy bean field)). She was back, and EXTREMELY out of breath. She trotted right up to me, and up to the back door as if nothing happened. I called the search party back in ((took me a bit to get my father in law back because he was so far out, but alas, he showed up too)). It was requested that I mention Larry walked 7 miles. For the record.

After about 45 minutes of non stop panting, she decided it was time to cause more headache for all of us, and barf up what looked like arugula salad and pine needles, then she trotted off to bed. What a ruff life.


Let me tell you, what a feeling of complete helplessness. There was nothing we could do but call for her, and hope that she would come back, and I am SO HAPPY that she did. I guess she’s smarter than I thought, she is COMPLETELY out of shape, but smart nonetheless.

I bet she is super excited to get home and tell her cat brothers about her first night out as an almost 21 year old (in dog years). She’s feeling it today though, for sure. As are all of us.



Give us all the coffee. Shout out to my in laws, and my husband for helping to bring back this spoiled rotten dog. We all know sad we would be if we would have lost her for good.


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