Knicker Knacker Bocker

So, this morning I posted on my Facebook that I had all these brilliant ideas and thoughts at 3 am, but when I was actually able to process these thoughts and ideas, I was drawing nothing but blanks. I’m currently sitting on the couch, watching Tyler the Hollywood Medium, scrolling through my feed on Facebook, and also Pinterest, and also Instagram…and I have thoughts now. So here they are.

First. I’ve been told more than once recently that I have a ‘knack’ for social media…what the f is a ‘knack’ anyway? Like a knick knack? So I’m being compared to small items on dusty shelves? Odd. Anyway. This ‘knack’ that I have, I’ve recently realized, is something that I am super grateful for. So all that time spent on my mom’s computer, Tyler’s parents computer, my Aunt Bobbi’s WebTV, and saving up for my Sidekick cell phone back in the day…it’s all paid off.


This social media biz is AMAZE-BALLS. For real. The connections I’ve made in the past couple of years have been life changing. The opportunities that I’ve been faced with have impacted me more than I realized at the time. Besides the awesome-ness of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest…and yes, I’m taking it back to Myspace and Livejournal, I want to give ya’ll an idea of what my personal ‘social media’ routine looks like. So maybe, if we ever hang out, and you see me on my phone ((which WILL happen)) it’s not because I don’t want to look at your beautiful face, its because I’m actually checking in on things that matter to me.

*I have a personal Facebook:

*I have 2 Facebook business pages: &

*I am the ‘manager’ of my lovely dad’s business page (which means I edit all the posts he puts up because they are most likely filled with grammatical errors) :

*I have a Snapchat: @Shannonstaysfit (I HATE that Snap doesn’t allow you to change your usernames)

*I have 3 Instagram accounts: @Shanniereneehughes, @nine16designs & @piperspixels

*I have 1 Pinterest account with a decent amount of public boards (I recently deleted a LOT because they were embarrassing lol):

*I have this blog, a Livejournal, my Myspace is still active (I think), I chat with people via Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message, texts, Snapchat chat, email, andddd I’m part of about 20-25 groups/forums where I am active on the daily!

So yes. I would like to think that I have a ‘knack’ or ‘knicker’ or ‘bocker’ or something for all social media. I have a reason behind all my posts, my videos, my pictures, my stories, my updates, etc. I’m not trying to annoy the shit out of you, I’m trying to SHARE life with ya’ll. If you’ve got something cool to share, I want to hear about it! So, I share. If you think I share too much, I don’t really care. You’re the one still following me ;o)

This is what my home screen looks like on my phone, and I HATE seeing those red badges, so I constantly have to clear them out!


This is not the direction I wanted this post to go in…but like I said…my thoughts are all over the place. I’ll add some more just to get them out of my head.

*I want to see a Medium. *I wish I was like super badass at creating stuff *I am proud of all that I’ve done over the last couple of weeks, shit, the last couple of months have been insane, and I’m mad proud of myself for getting through it all *I think my mom took my niece camping today, thats cool. *It’s gonna be Fall soon, YES! *I really like Mac & Cheese *I’m glad that I got to catch up with my girl Kayce last night via a little FB chat *I’m excited to get some new books in the mail *I want to build bookcases/bookshelves in the ‘nook’ thats in our house *I don’t think its actually a ‘nook’ *I’ll do it anyway *Aww, Todd Crisley is crying on the tv, I wish I could meet this dude….

That’s all. Maybe tonight, I’ll try to keep a notepad next to my bed so I can write down the important and useful information that I ponder about at 3 am instead of writing another post like this tomorrow!



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