I wasn’t going to do this….

….but! Here I am. I’ve been sitting on this for quite some time now, wondering whether or not there is a point to explaining why things have been a little crazy, or not the same in my social media life recently. I didn’t want to hurt anybodies feelings, or step on any toes, I don’t want people to think that I’m just a fake, or a failure or somebody who just gives up. Then, I said to myself: “I thought we were suppose to be working on the whole ‘not giving a shit what people thing or say about you’ thing!” So..here I am.

I’m gonna give you the deets on why I broke up with Beachbody and my coaching job. Yep…I’m going there.

So, lets take it back a couple years. In August of 2014, 2 months before my wedding, I started this thing called 21 Day Fix. It was awesome! I was drinking this shake that tasted better than all the other ones I’ve tried before, and the workouts, weren’t horrible. All that means is that I was able to get through most of them without crying, screaming, or throwing up. I lost some weight, felt great, and decided to try and share this newfound motivation with whoever wanted to listen. I dove FACE FIRST into the world of coaching…I changed my entire platform on all my social media accounts, I only posted what I thought people wanted to see, and not always what I actually wanted to post. I had cover photos that were basically ‘ads’ for living this super great life. ((See below)) I was adding friends left and right on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and in real life. (To think, I used to be that girl who never understood why somebody had like 2,254 Facebook friends…come on..you don’t REALLY know all those people!))




I quickly learned that nobody really cared. Sure, they were excited for ME, and happy for ME, but they really didn’t want anything to do with signing up and trying it out themselves. I was able to grow a small little community of super inspiring women, and I am super grateful for them today. Over the next 2 years, my life changed pretty dramatically. I traveled…and holy shit was it awesome! I went to Utah, and saw real mountains, I met SO, SO, SO many inspiring and truly caring people who I built great friendships with, I experienced Nashville, in the middle of JULY, I relaxed in the mountains, and for awhile there, I was doing pretty well, and had really big goals for my business. Then one day, it kind of just fizzled away….

I learned that I had a passion, and for the past 2 and 1/2 years, that passion was hidden under the title of Coach or Motivator. After a lot of thought, and digging into some seriously deep holes, I’ve come to realize that my passion is to help people in general. Not just in health and  fitness. I want to make people smile by being the REAL me. I want to make somebody’s day a little easier, or a little brighter. I want to HELP. Whether thats help somebody plan an event, organize their life, design something creative, or just be a shoulder to cry on. I want to be that person. You know what else, I want to BE ME. No matter what I did as a coach, I always felt like I was hiding something, because I didn’t want it to reflect on my business in a poor way, unfortunately, that seemed to have lost me some friends and possible customers. #shitty :o(

Untitled design

I wanted to be MYSELF! I wanted to post about going out with friends and drinking, and then doing absolutely nothing but lay in bed the next day. I wanted to share my real life, and not feel bad about it…but somehow, I had been trained to share things in a certain way, and that if I were to post pics of me boozin’ like I used to, that it would portray a not so good coach…Sorry, man, thats not cool.

So. Here I am. I cancelled my coach account, explained things to a few of my fellow coaches, and shared my thoughts with the ladies who have stuck by my side over the course of the last couple of years. LET ME SAY THIS THOUGH! I am so grateful for all that Beachbody taught me, for the friendships I made, and for the chance to truly find what works for me and also, for helping me see who my real friends are. ((Odd that it took this to show me that, but whatevs.))

What’s next for me…? I’m not telling you, yet. This blog is my new fresh start though, and I’ve got SO many exciting things in mind that I just know I am going to love being a part of and building up MY way on MY terms.



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